HYUNDAI KEFICO Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a member of the Hyundai Motor Group, specializing in the production of intelligent electronic components for cars, is a high-tech factory located in Dai An Industrial Park, Tu Minh ward, city. Hai Duong Street, Hai Duong Province. HYUNDAI KEFICO  is evaluated as TOP 1 company in Hai Duong, and is also one of 8 companies in Vietnam awarded the title of "Outstanding Companies for Employees" by the Prime Minister of Vietnam. Established from 19th September 2009, with 12 years of establishment and development, HYUNDAI KEFICO Vietnam is constantly expanding production, installing new lines to meet the increasing market demand, bringing more and more good welfares & policies for employees.


With constant efforts, our company has gotten many proud achievements:

In particular, Hyundai Kefico was honored to receive the certificate of merit "Typical Enterprise for Employees" for 4 consecutive years. In 2020, honored to be one of 8 companies to receive the certificate of merit "Outstanding Company for Employees" from the Prime Minister.


Hyundai KEFICO - State of the Art 

The automotive electronic management system of Hyundai KEFICO is, in short, the brain of an automobile. HYUNDAI KEFICO, a maker of automotive electronic management systems is now one of the world’s leading automotive parts companies, and is especially competitive in the field of green technologies.HYUNDAI KEFICO’s electronic management system, including powertrain management system and eco-friendly vehicle management system, makes your driving more efficient and eco-friendly.

Safe, economic, and green automobile life. That’s HYUNDAI KEFICO.


With the motto that people are the focus, HYUNDAI KEFICO always honors human values. Since then, many programs have been implemented with the aim of improving good relations between employees and instilling trust in the company. In addition, Hyundai Kefico also focuses on employee benefits.