After stressful working hours, bonding activities are also regularly focused so that employees in the Hyundai Kefico family can relax. Sports day, Travelling, Family's day, Year end party... and many other extracurricular activities have brought all KVP members closer together. These activities make each individual feel more in love with this place, and determine to accompany with the development of Hyundai Kefico.

Family's Day
The biggest, most meaningful and most anticipated event of the year.
With the attendance of all employees and their families, the event affirms the determination of Hyundai Kefico, for a cohesive and sustainable Hyundai Kefico family dream.

Sport Day
A festival with lots of laughter, health and meaning. With a variety of fun games, teamwork, leadership skills…
After these activities, all members have a party together… Such a meaningful moment for each member!

Summer Holiday
3 days of paid summer vacation must be a very meaningful occasion for KVP employees. Moreover, every year the company also organizes for employees to visit and relax to famous tourist areas of the country. The event makes each Hyundai Kefico members love their homeland, country and company more.

Internal CSR activities

With the aim of building a Hyundai Kefico with "Happiness comes from within", Comany alway pays attention to employee's life. Especially, for employees with difficult circumstances, the Company always timely facilitates and helps through support activities, scholarship funds, gifts, ...

Other activities:

Birthday, Christmas, Volunteer/English Club,...


Not only internal activities, Hyundai Kefico Vietnam also focuses on external activities with outside organizations, especially CSR activities.

Charity program "GIVE LOVE - GET SMILE"

Volunteer program at Chieng Ve Kindergarten - Son La

Supporting Orphans in Nam Sach, Hai Duong

Environment Protection activity in Dong Quang, Gia Loc, Hai Duong

Supporting the people in the Central region affected by storms and flood

Supporting the Prevention of Covid-19

Supporting the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund